Moors Sports Club Ground

Moors Sports Club Ground Colombo, Sri Lanka

February 2019

18thColombo Cricket ClubCOL8/211 (20)vNegombo Cricket ClubNEGO93 (15.3)
18thBloomfield Cricket and Athletic ClubBLO125 (16.2)vPanadura Sports ClubPAN8/188 (20)
15thChilaw Marians Cricket ClubCHI9/170 (20)vNegombo Cricket ClubNEGO7/171 (20)
15thColts Cricket ClubCLT4/198 (20)vPolice Sports ClubPSC159 (20)

October 2012

2ndWT20IPakistan WomenPAK-W8/87 (20)vSouth Africa WomenSAF-W5/88 (19.5)

March 2012

29thChilaw Marians Cricket ClubCHI8/164 (20)vSri Lanka ArmySLA9/141 (20)
29thPanadura Sports ClubPAN8/169 (20)vRagama Cricket ClubRAG131 (19.1)
28thColombo Cricket ClubCOL151 (17.2)vSri Lanka Navy Sports ClubSLN96 (16.4)
28thColts Cricket ClubCLT8/127 (20)vLankan Cricket ClubLAN7/130 (19.1)
25thColombo Cricket ClubCOL2/137 (12.3)vLankan Cricket ClubLAN9/136 (20)
25thColts Cricket ClubCLT8/192 (20)vKurunegala Youth Cricket ClubKUR125 (18)

March 2009

28thBasnahira SouthBSS9/172 (20)vSchools Invitation XISXI7/145 (20)
25thWayambaWAY6/121 (15.5)vSchools Invitation XISXI8/120 (20)
25thRuhunaRUH6/203 (20)vBasnahira NorthBSN152 (19.1)
24thRuhunaRUH2/74 (10.5)vSchools Invitation XISXI73 (17)

April 2008

17thKandurataKAN5/137 (14.5)vSchools Invitation XISXI6/134 (20)

October 2005

26thColts Cricket ClubCLTAbandonedvColombo Cricket ClubCOLAbandoned
26thSri Lanka Air Force Sports ClubAFC4/44 (5)vChilaw Marians Cricket ClubCHI3/47 (3.4)
12thBurgher Recreation ClubBURAbandonedvSebastianites Cricket and Athletic ClubSEBAbandoned
12thBloomfield Cricket and Athletic ClubBLOAbandonedvGalle Cricket ClubGALAbandoned
8thBloomfield Cricket and Athletic ClubBLO0/86 (8)vRagama Cricket ClubRAG85 (14)
8thBurgher Recreation ClubBUR128 (19.1)vPolice Sports ClubPSC4/132 (18)

August 2004

16thColts Cricket ClubCLT2/106 (14.1)vSri Lanka Air Force Sports ClubAFC102 (16.1)
16thNondescripts Cricket ClubNON8/164 (20)vTamil Union Cricket and Athletic ClubTAM5/147 (20)