Colombo Cricket Club COL v SLN Sri Lanka Navy Sports ClubSri Lanka Domestic T20 2011-12 • Moors Sports Club Ground, Colombo — 28 March 2012

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Colombo Cricket ClubWinner
10/151 1st innings

AVS Nikethanac Karunaratne b Ruwansiri5939-110151.28
WS Jayanthac Wegodapola b Weerakkody42-10200
MA Liyanapathiranagec Cooray b Wegodapola2514-41178.57
JRMWS Bandarac Wegodapola b Lakmal12-0050
S Nandalalc & b de Alwis2415-30160
PS Jayaprakashdaranlbw b de Alwis01-000
PDMA Coorayc Karunaratne b Ruwansiri26-0033.33
SHSS de Silvalbw b de Alwis3015-04200
DGR Dhammikarun out (†Rasanga)24-0050
NGRP Jayasuriyac Wegodapola b de Alwis15-0020
MI Ratnayakenot out11-00100
Extras2 (2w)
Total10/151 (17.2 overs, 8.71rpo)
N Weerakkody2022111-----
SPABWMRAB Wegodapola402917.251----
RKU Lakmal201718.5-----
LAC Ruwansiri402927.25-----
HGAM Karunaratne2020010-----
WB de Alwis3.2034410.2-----

Sri Lanka Navy Sports Club
10/96 2nd innings

EAA Erangarun out (Ratnayake)11-00100
DP Gurusinghec Jayasuriya b Ratnayake03-000
TR Rasangac Liyanapathiranage b Ratnayake512-0041.66
AD Weerasuriyac de Silva b Dhammika4433-32133.33
LAC Ruwansiric Dhammika b Bandara36-0050
ML Coorayb Dhammika510-0050
SPABWMRAB Wegodapolab Jayantha1610-21160
WB de Alwisc Jayasuriya b Jayantha912-1075
RKU Lakmalc Nikethana b Jayantha66-00100
HGAM Karunaratneb Bandara35-0060
N Weerakkodynot out12-0050
Extras3 (2w)
Total10/96 (16.4 overs, 5.76rpo)
MA Liyanapathiranage402506.25-----
MI Ratnayake301826-----
DGR Dhammika411523.75-----
JRMWS Bandara3.402627.093----
WS Jayantha201236-----
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