Nondescripts Cricket Club NON v TAM Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic ClubSri Lanka Domestic T20 2004 • Moors Sports Club Ground, Colombo — 16 August 2004

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Nondescripts Cricket ClubWinner
8/164 1st innings

KD Gunawardeneb KLSL Dias1218-0066.66
MN Nawazc †Tissera b Ranjith96-01150
KC Sangakkarac WMMS Dias b Jayaprakashdaran3921-62185.71
UDU Chandanab KLSL Dias23-0066.66
RP Arnoldst †Tissera b Amarasinghe2424-20100
HAPW Jayawardenerun out2226-2084.61
KR Pushpakumarac Perera b Amarasinghe106-20166.66
T Thusharanot out3314-23235.71
CRB Mudaligec Perera b Amarasinghe22-00100
RSR de Zoysanot out11-00100
Did not batSL Malinga
Extras10 (4w, 2nb, 3lb, 1b)
Total8/164 (20 overs, 8.2rpo)
PN Ranjith403017.53----
WJMR Dias402706.75-----
PS Jayaprakashdaran4049112.25-----
KLSL Dias4012231----
BCN Amarasinghe302839.33-2---
NANN Perera1014014-----

Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club
5/147 2nd innings

NANN Pererab Thushara15-0020
N Weeramanc Gunawardene b de Zoysa3030-40100
RR Tisseralbw b Thushara02-000
WJMR Diasc de Zoysa b Mudalige2123-3091.3
WMMS Diasc & b Mudalige68-0075
KM Fernandonot out2723-30117.39
PN Ranjithnot out5629-54193.1
Did not batBCN Amarasinghe, KLSL Dias, PS Jayaprakashdaran, KSD Kumara
Extras6 (4w, 2nb, 3lb, 1b)
Total5/147 (20 overs, 7.35rpo)
KR Pushpakumara402606.5-----
T Thushara402325.754----
SL Malinga403408.5-----
RSR de Zoysa302919.66-----
CRB Mudalige403027.5-----
RP Arnold10404-----
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