Burgher Recreation Club BUR v PSC Police Sports ClubSri Lanka Domestic T20 2005 • Moors Sports Club Ground, Colombo — 08 October 2005

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Burgher Recreation Club
10/128 1st innings

DWAND Vitharanab Priyadarshana5900055.55
DM Ramanayakec Wijeratne b Ranaweera020000
DN Pathiranac Wijeratne b Priyadarshana1300033.33
RHS Silvac Jayawardene b Priyadarshana121301092.3
TJ Madanayakec Soysa b Sanjeewa3027040111.11
IC Soysac Shazmil b Sanjeewa2925001116
MN Silvac Weerasinghe b Sanjeewa212202095.45
DF Arnoldast †Nirmala b Wijeratne3400075
DT de Zoysast †Nirmala b Wijeratne5800062.5
CCJ Peirisst †Nirmala b Vithana1500020
RCRP Silvanot out030000
Extras21 (14w, 2nb, 5lb)
Total10/128 (19.1 overs, 6.67rpo)
TAVHK Ranaweera302317.6622000
KPWM Priyadarshana301936.336-000
JSM Shazmil201507.56-000
HM Jayawardene402807--000
RGD Sanjeewa402436--000
SA Wijeratne2.101024.61--000
SI Vithana10414--000

Police Sports ClubWinner
4/132 2nd innings

PHKS Nirmalac Pathirana b Soysa2722050122.72
SA Wijeratnec de Zoysa b Soysa141702082.35
WNM Soysanot out353704094.59
PR Nirmalc Soysa b Ramanayake44000100
RGD Sanjeewast †Vitharana b Peiris2222030100
TAN Weerasinghenot out96020150
Did not batHM Jayawardene, KPWM Priyadarshana, TAVHK Ranaweera, JSM Shazmil, SI Vithana
Extras21 (14w, 2nb, 5lb)
Total4/132 (18 overs, 7.33rpo)
RCRP Silva413308.251-000
MN Silva201507.5--000
IC Soysa301023.33--000
DM Ramanayake302217.337-000
CCJ Peiris402215.51-000
DT de Zoysa1011011--000
DN Pathirana10707--000
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