Burgher Recreation Club Ground

Burgher Recreation Club Ground Colombo, Sri Lanka

February 2019
T21stNegombo Cricket ClubNEGO5/123 (19)vKalutara Town ClubKALTW8/122 (20)
T21stChilaw Marians Cricket ClubCHI8/209 (20)vPolice Sports ClubPSC98 (19)
T19thRagama Cricket ClubRAG8/184 (20)vKurunegala Youth Cricket ClubKUR111 (14.3)
T19thSri Lanka ArmySLA2/154 (16.1)vSri Lanka Air Force Sports ClubAFC5/153 (20)
M18thRagama Cricket ClubRAG8/152 (20)vSri Lanka Air Force Sports ClubAFC104 (19.1)
M18thSri Lanka ArmySLA5/103 (12.5)vSri Lanka Ports Authority Cricket ClubSLP99 (19.3)
S16thMoors Sports ClubMOO4/124 (17)vSinhalese Sports ClubSIN9/143 (20)
S16thNondescripts Cricket ClubNON2/192 (20)vBloomfield Cricket and Athletic ClubBLO5/125 (20)
March 2018
F2ndSri Lanka Ports Authority Cricket ClubSLP99 (18.5)vSri Lanka Air Force Sports ClubAFC7/100 (16.4)
F2ndColombo Cricket ClubCOL6/105 (16.5)vNegambo Cricket ClubNEGCC8/101 (18)
T1stGalle Cricket ClubGAL64 (15.4)vSri Lanka Air Force Sports ClubAFC5/65 (13.4)
T1stColts Cricket ClubCLT1/84 (10.3)vLankan Cricket ClubLAN9/83 (20)
February 2018
T27thSinhalese Sports ClubSIN5/203 (20)vSri Lanka Navy Sports ClubSLN96 (18.3)
T27thBadureliya Sports ClubBAD4/129 (19.3)vKurunegala Youth Cricket ClubKUR9/125 (20)
S25thSinhalese Sports ClubSIN7/71 (13)vBadureliya Sports ClubBAD111 (19.1)
S25thRagama Cricket ClubRAG3/58 (10.1)vKalutara Town ClubKALTW54 (19.4)
S24thChilaw Marians Cricket ClubCHI3/125 (14.4)vPolice Sports ClubPSC121 (19.4)
S24thNondescripts Cricket ClubNON9/120 (20)vKalutara Town ClubKALTW104 (18.4)
April 2008
T24thBasnahira SouthBSS0/33 (3)vKandurataKAN7/200 (20)
W23rdRuhunaRUH2/127 (11.4)vSchools Invitation XISXI126 (19.2)
M21stBasnahira NorthBSN117 (19.4)vSchools Invitation XISXI103 (18.2)
T17thBasnahira SouthBSS139 (19)vSchools Invitation XISXI7/152 (20)
March 2007
F2ndPanadura Sports ClubPAN8/161 (19.1)vLankan Cricket ClubLAN8/160 (20)
F2ndTamil Union Cricket and Athletic ClubTAM7/160 (18)vMoors Sports ClubMOO158 (18.5)
T1stMoors Sports ClubMOO3/159 (16.3)vLankan Cricket ClubLAN8/156 (20)
T1stTamil Union Cricket and Athletic ClubTAM5/176 (17.1)vPanadura Sports ClubPAN8/172 (20)
February 2007
W28thMoors Sports ClubMOO4/116 (11.5)vPanadura Sports ClubPAN115 (19)
W28thTamil Union Cricket and Athletic ClubTAM3/117 (12.1)vLankan Cricket ClubLAN8/116 (20)
November 2005
S5thSinhalese Sports ClubSIN9/173 (20)vTamil Union Cricket and Athletic ClubTAM154 (19)
October 2005
S30thColombo Cricket ClubCOL4/219 (20)vKurunegala Youth Cricket ClubKUR182 (19.5)
S30thSri Lanka Air Force Sports ClubAFC111 (18.3)vPanadura Sports ClubPAN8/150 (20)
S23rdGalle Cricket ClubGAL4/76 (11.2)vRagama Cricket ClubRAG/ ()
S23rdSebastianites Cricket and Athletic ClubSEBAbandonedvPolice Sports ClubPSCAbandoned