Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club TAM v MOO Moors Sports ClubSri Lanka Domestic T20 2006-07 • Burgher Recreation Club Ground, Colombo — 01 March 2007

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Moors Sports Club
10/158 1st innings

KRP Silvab Perera3720-23185
WMB Pererab Perera5448-30112.5
GRP Peirisc SI Fernando b Perera1610-11160
A Rideegammanagederab Perera117-10157.14
LHD Dilharab SI Fernando12-0050
JWHD Botejub Liyanagunawardene127-20171.42
ASA Pererac MCR Fernando b Liyanagunawardene65-10120
HMRKB Herathlbw b KM Fernando23-0066.66
MTP Fernandoc Perera b Liyanagunawardene96-10150
WMJ Wannakuwattarun out (Perera)74-10175
UWMBCA Welegedaranot out01-000
Extras3 (3lb)
Total10/158 (18.5 overs, 8.38rpo)
PN Ranjith302508.33-----
HM Maduwantha3034011.33-----
NANN Perera3.503047.82-----
SI Fernando403117.75-----
SC Liyanagunawardene302137-----
KM Fernando201417-----

Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic ClubWinner
7/160 2nd innings

MCR Fernandoc Fernando b Welegedara53-10166.66
NANN Pererab Welegedara117-11157.14
WMMS Diasc Fernando b Dilhara3120-51155
SI Fernandoc Boteju b Rideegammanagedera127-30171.42
RJMGM Rupasinghec ASA Perera b Fernando47-0057.14
SKL de Silvarun out (Herath)1710-20170
SC Liyanagunawardenerun out (Peiris)1421-1066.66
KM Fernandonot out3825-70152
RR Tisseranot out98-10112.5
Did not batHM Maduwantha, PN Ranjith
Extras19 (3lb)
Total7/160 (18 overs, 8.88rpo)
UWMBCA Welegedara403929.751----
A Rideegammanagedera40401102----
MTP Fernando2010151----
LHD Dilhara402917.251----
HMRKB Herath402807-----
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