Sydney Thunder THU v HUR Hobart HurricanesBig Bash League 2021 • Marvel Stadium, Melbourne — 13 January 2022

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Hobart HurricanesWinner
6/177 1st innings

CP Jewellc Davies b Sandhu51325753159.37
BR McDermottc T Sangha b Sams18152011120
MS Wadenot out83547582153.7
DJM Shortc †Holt b Sandhu44410100
TH Davidc †Holt b T Sangha3490075
PSP Handscombrun out (Gilkes/†Holt)11300100
JA Thompsonb Mohammad Hasnain2330066.66
Mitchell Owennot out771910100
Did not batT Rogers, S Lamichhane, RP Meredith, Wil Parker
Extras8 (7w, 1b)
Total6/177 (20 overs, 8.85rpo)
Mohammad Hasnain403117.75--1141
G Sandhu3027291-731
N McAndrew403609--832
DR Sams4032183-730
Tanveer Sangha403017.51-630
BCJ Cutting10200202-002

Sydney Thunder
9/168 2nd innings

M Gilkesc David b Meredith1470025
AD Halesc Rogers b Thompson38172871223.52
JJS Sanghalbw b Thompson31193431163.15
DR Samsc †McDermott b Short18173011105.88
Oliver Daviesb Meredith69120066.66
BCJ Cuttingb Meredith012000
BJ Holtc Jewell b Lamichhane1720301085
N McAndrewc Jewell b Lamichhane30202931150
G Sandhunot out1191110122.22
Tanveer Sanghac Short b Thompson2360066.66
Mohammad Hasnainnot out42410200
Extras10 (7w, 1b)
Total9/168 (20 overs, 8.4rpo)
RP Meredith402937.254-1221
TH David1020020--150
T Rogers4041010.252-751
JA Thompson30243811711
S Lamichhane402626.5--830
Mitchell Owen10606--200
DJM Short302016.66--711
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