Prime Doleshwar Sporting Club PDSC v MOH Mohammedan Sporting ClubDhaka Premier Division Twenty20 Cricket League 2021 • Shere Bangla National Stadium, Dhaka — 26 June 2021

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Mohammedan Sporting ClubWinner
5/103 1st innings

Parvez Hossain Emonc Farhad Reza b Enamul Haque jnr26213630123.8
Avishek Mitrast †Imran Uzzaman b Sharifullah312150025
Shakil Hossain(1)lbw b Enamul Haque jnr1819242094.73
Shamsur Rahmanc Saif Hassan b Kamrul Islam Rabbi991010100
Irfan Sukkurrun out (Kamrul Islam Rabbi)741010175
Shuvagata Homnot out2381522287.5
Mahmudul Hasannot out961110150
Did not batAsif Hasan, Abdul Mazid, Abu Hider, Yeasin Arafat, Ruyel Miah
Extras8 (6w, 1nb, 1lb)
Total5/103 (13 overs, 7.92rpo)
Shafiqul Islam2014071-000
Kamrul Islam Rabbi304511521000
Enamul Haque jnr201326.51-000
Farhad Reza3024081-000

Prime Doleshwar Sporting Club
10/81 2nd innings

Imran Uzzamanc Shamsur Rahman b Yeasin Arafat1581602187.5
Towfiq Khanc Mahmudul Hasan b Ruyel Miah85420160
Saif Hassanc Shamsur Rahman b Yeasin Arafat11101311110
Fazle Mahmudc Shakil Hossain b Ruyel Miah1617301094.11
Marshall Ayubc Shakil Hossain b Yeasin Arafat58110062.5
Farhad Rezac sub (Abdul Mazid) b Yeasin Arafat3450075
Shamim Hossainlbw b Asif Hasan871510114.28
Sharifullahb Ruyel Miah42210200
Kamrul Islam Rabbib Ruyel Miah1350033.33
Shafiqul Islamnot out53710166.66
Enamul Haque jnrc Yeasin Arafat b Ruyel Miah2320066.66
Extras3 (6w, 1nb, 1lb)
Total10/81 (11.4 overs, 6.94rpo)
Ruyel Miah2.402157.871-000
Asif Hasan201718.51-000
Abu Hider1014014--000
Yeasin Arafat301143.66--000
Shuvagata Hom301705.66--000
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