Auckland Aces AUC v WEL Wellington FirebirdsNew Zealand Domestic Twenty20 2019 • Basin Reserve, Wellington — 12 January 2020

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Wellington Firebirds
7/165 1st innings

DP Conwayc Horne b Jamieson69528442132.69
MA Pollardc Horne b Jamieson269--33.33
R Ravindralbw b Hira30202612150
TA Blundellc Craig Cachopa b Jamieson1412171-116.66
MG Bracewellc Guptill b Chapman34202331170
Fraser Colsonc Phillips b Chapman5513--100
Jamie Gibsonrun out (Phillips/†Horne)557--100
PF Younghusbandnot out--2---
Did not batHK Bennett, LV van Beek, OR Newton
Extras6 (6w)
Total7/165 (20 overs, 8.25rpo)
WER Somerville4-33-8.251-621
MJ McClenaghan3-31-10.33--422
KA Jamieson4-3438.51-922
RM Hira4-2917.251-61-
C Munro2-20-101-12-
MS Chapman3-18262-5--
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Auckland AcesWinner
4/166 2nd innings

MJ Guptillc Bennett b van Beek1010112-100
C Munroc †Blundell b Bennett2013224-153.84
GD Phillipsc Bracewell b Newton235--66.66
MS Chapmannot out5838626-152.63
Craig Cachopac Younghusband b Bracewell66435635153.48
RR O'Donnellnot out111--100
Did not batWER Somerville, RM Hira, MJ McClenaghan, BJ Horne, KA Jamieson
Extras9 (6w)
Total4/166 (18 overs, 9.22rpo)
HK Bennett3-1414.66--102-
OR Newton3-331113-522
LV van Beek3-2919.663-421
R Ravindra3-29-9.661-33-
PF Younghusband3-35-11.661-532
MG Bracewell3-2618.661-33-
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