Netherlands NED v NEP NepalNepal in Netherlands T20I Series 2015 2015 • VRA Ground, Amstelveen — 30 June 2015

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4/172 1st innings

MR Swartnot out7659-81128.81
TP Viseec Malla b Karn410-0040
BN Cooperc Vesawkar b Karan KC6646-43143.47
W Barresib Sompal Kami123-02400
Mudassar Bukharib Sompal Kami12-0050
Did not batPW Borren, PA van Meekeren, MJ Rippon, Ahsan Malik, MP O'Dowd, MB van Schelven
Extras13 (3w, 1lb, 9b)
Total4/172 (20 overs, 8.6rpo)
Sompal Kami402426-----
Karan KC4041110.252----
A Karn403117.75-----
P Khadka403909.751----
B Regmi402706.75-----

10/69 2nd innings

G Mallac Mudassar Bukhari b van Schelven126-30200
SP Khakurelc Swart b Rippon612-0050
B Bhandaric Borren b Mudassar Bukhari24-0050
P Khadkac Mudassar Bukhari b van Schelven26-0033.33
B Regmib van Meekeren213-0015.38
RP Magarc †Barresi b Rippon01-000
S Vesawkarc Jamil b O'Dowd1831-0158.06
P Aireec †Barresi b van Meekeren01-000
Sompal Kamic Borren b Jamil1416-1087.5
A Karnlbw b Rippon47-0057.14
Karan KCnot out210-0020
Extras7 (3w, 1lb, 9b)
Total10/69 (17.4 overs, 3.9rpo)
MB van Schelven402225.5-----
Mudassar Bukhari301013.332----
MJ Rippon411132.75-----
PA van Meekeren31822.6611---
Ahsan Malik20814-----
MP O'Dowd1.40714.2-----
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