Border BOR v NOW North WestCSA Provincial Pro20 Competition 2012/13 2012-13 • Buffalo Park, East London — 06 April 2013

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5/145 1st innings

S Seyibokwec Deeb b Klein18162520112.5
GVJ Koopmanc †van den Bergh b Klein68141075
BC de Wettc Vardhan b Diseko17162230106.25
KD Bennettc Rapulana b Vardhan2629431089.65
M Maraisc Lubbe b Deeb5890062.5
DL Brownnot out38313421122.58
AM Sodumonot out25121331208.33
Did not batL Mbane, V Makhaphela, MJ Nqolo, MLA Spence
Extras10 (5w, 1lb, 4b)
Total5/145 (20 overs, 7.25rpo)
AF Erasmus20200101----
D Klein4028273----
VCM Mazibuko10150151----
DR Deeb401313.25-----
JN Diseko402416-----
WJ Lubbe201608-----
KM Vardhan302418-----

North West
10/101 2nd innings

TA Bulab Mbane3540060
FJL Bothac †Sodumo b Brown13111720118.18
WJ Lubbec †Sodumo b Brown541400125
NJ van den Berghrun out (de Wett/†Sodumo)47150057.14
KM Vardhanb Koopman1417231082.35
K Rapulanarun out (Nqolo)1725300068
DR Deebrun out (Nqolo)21181401116.66
D Kleinc †Sodumo b Mbane24110050
AF Erasmusc Spence b Mbane5970055.55
VCM Mazibukonot out2380066.66
JN Disekob Brown4570080
Extras11 (5w, 1lb, 4b)
Total10/101 (18 overs, 5.61rpo)
L Mbane3021372----
DL Brown301635.332----
MJ Nqolo402305.751----
MLA Spence401604-----
GVJ Koopman402315.751----
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