Denmark DEN v HK Hong KongICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier 2012 • ICC Academy, Dubai — 17 March 2012

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Hong KongWinner
5/170 1st innings

Irfan Ahmednot out9160-102151.66
B Hayatst †Klokker b Chawla2826-30107.69
JJ Atkinsonb Chawla3121-41147.61
Munir Darlbw b Chawla02-000
Nizakat Khanb Anjum159-11166.66
Aizaz Khanrun out (Kamran Mahmood)01-000
Waqas Barkatnot out11-00100
Did not batJPR Lamsam, CK Kruger, KD Shah, MC Tucker
Extras4 (3w, 1lb)
Total5/170 (20 overs, 8.5rpo)
Bashir Shah3024082----
SAN Anjum403418.5-----
RB Javed302508.33-----
MR Pedersen2030015-----
Aftab Ahmed (2)403709.251----
AB Chawla401934.75-----

9/135 2nd innings

Shehzad Ahmedc Babar Hayat b Tucker02-000
Kamran Mahmoodc Nizakat Khan b Irfan Ahmed2526-4096.15
Aftab Ahmed (2)lbw b Shah3931-40125.8
FA Klokkerb Shah2722-30122.72
JEA Monizc Irfan Ahmed b Shah13-0033.33
Rizwan Mahmoodb Nizakat Khan03-000
MR Pedersenst †Waqas Barkat b Shah1012-1083.33
AB Chawlab Munir Dar57-0071.42
RB Javednot out117-00157.14
SAN Anjumc Nizakat Khan b Munir Dar13-0033.33
Bashir Shahnot out34-0075
Extras13 (3w, 1lb)
Total9/135 (20 overs, 6.75rpo)
MC Tucker302117-----
Munir Dar301826-----
Aizaz Khan302307.66-----
Irfan Ahmed3021172----
Nizakat Khan402015-----
KD Shah402145.25-----
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