Railways RAI v SAU SaurashtraSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2023 • JSCA Oval Ground, Ranchi — 21 October 2023

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7/198 1st innings

Tarang Gohelc KV Sharma b AA Pandey4622034209.09
HM Desaic Chaubey b Yuvraj Singh1711030154.54
SB Vyasb Akshat R Pandey1200050
SP Jacksonc Akshat R Pandey b KV Sharma3218023177.77
DA Jadejac Pratham Singh b AA Pandey63001200
VM Jadejac Pratham Singh b Yuvraj Singh3828051135.71
Jay Gohilc Mohammad Saif b Susheel Kumar4732015146.87
CS Janinot out020000
JD Unadkatnot out72001350
Did not batKD Patel, Aditya Jadeja, Pranav Karia
Extras4 (4w)
Total7/198 (20 overs, 9.9rpo)
Yuvraj Singh403328.251-000
Susheel Kumar4053113.252-000
Akshat R Pandey403619--000
Akash Pandey402927.25--000
KV Sharma30391131-000
Mohammad Saif10808--000

7/199 2nd innings

S Chaudharyc VM Jadeja b Karia1717001100
Pratham Singhlbw b Karia4530062150
UD Yadavc Vyas b Karia2820012140
B Vivek Singhc Jackson b DA Jadeja010000
Mohammad Saifnot out4826052184.61
AR Sharmac Vyas b Patel4514026321.42
S Chaubeyc Jay Gohil b DA Jadeja5600083.33
KV Sharmac VM Jadeja b DA Jadeja010000
Akshat R Pandeynot out75010140
Did not batYuvraj Singh, Akash Pandey, Susheel Kumar
Extras4 (4w)
Total7/199 (20 overs, 9.95rpo)
JD Unadkat403408.5--000
Aditya Jadeja10707--000
KD Patel3040113.33--000
CS Jani40400102-000
Pranav Karia403538.75--000
DA Jadeja4041310.25--000
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