Kenya KEN v NIG NigeriaICC Men's T20 World Cup Africa Region Qualifier 2021 • Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centre, Kigali City — 20 November 2021

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6/168 1st innings

RN Patelc Mba b Aho22121922183.33
AA Obandab Mohameed Taiwo29183251161.11
EB Ringerac Olayinka b Okpe1250050
IA Karimnot out52387751136.84
RR Patelc Mba b Useni911182081.81
CO Obuyab Abdulkareem1217210070.58
Sukhdeep Singhc Adedeji b Abdulkareem17171920100
SO Ngochenot out1761040283.33
Did not batE Otieno, Peter Langat, Vraj Patel
Extras9 (3w, 1nb, 3lb, 2b)
Total6/168 (20 overs, 8.4rpo)
Peter Aho403518.75--000
Prosper Useni4043110.751-000
IO Okpe4042110.5-1000
Mohameed Taiwo301715.66--000
S Adedeji20804--000
Ridwan Abdulkareem3018261-000

10/108 2nd innings

AA Onikoyic Ringera b Vraj Patel27121232225
Segun Olayinkac RN Patel b Otieno16180016.66
AJ Ayannaikec †Karim b Ringera44310100
Ashmit Shreshtast †Karim b Vraj Patel29170022.22
S Adedejic Ringera b Vraj Patel24183202133.33
IO Okpec Ngoche b Vraj Patel023000
Samuel Mbalbw b Ringera2024301183.33
Peter Ahost †Karim b Vraj Patel76700116.66
Mohameed Taiwob Ringera4590080
Ridwan Abdulkareemc Obuya b Ringera1081020125
Prosper Useninot out44700100
Extras5 (3w, 1nb, 3lb, 2b)
Total10/108 (16.2 overs, 6.61rpo)
SO Ngoche2028014--000
E Otieno311113.66--000
EB Ringera3.201644.81-000
Peter Langat10100102-000
Vraj Patel411253--000
CO Obuya10150151-000
RR Patel201507.5--000
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