Perth Scorchers SCO v THU Sydney ThunderBig Bash League 2020 • Perth Stadium, Perth — 09 January 2021

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Perth ScorchersWinner
6/185 1st innings

JJ Royc †Billings b Doggett1410020140
LS Livingstonec †Billings b Doggett3800037.5
C Munroc †Billings b Cutting5041013121.95
JP Inglisb Doggett2018030111.11
MR Marshc Green b Doggett1511020136.36
AJ Turnerc Sangha b McAndrew3113032238.46
AM Hardienot out1911011172.72
JA Richardsonnot out208021250
Did not batFawad Ahmed, JP Behrendorff, AJ Tye, CT Bancroft
Extras13 (3w, 10lb)
Total6/185 (20 overs, 9.25rpo)
N McAndrew403117.751-711
AF Milne4036092-1032
B Doggett402245.5--1430
CJ Green2031015.5--122
BCJ Cutting403318.25--640
Tanveer Sangha2022011--312

Sydney Thunder
10/168 2nd innings

UT Khawajac †Inglis b Richardson2612041216.66
AD Halesc sub (CT Bancroft) b Behrendorff51001050
CJ Fergusonc Tye b Behrendorff030000
SW Billingsb Tye8348084172.91
AI Rossrun out (Behrendorff/†Inglis)000000
BCJ Cuttingc Livingstone b Tye3127031114.81
N McAndrewc Livingstone b Richardson42010200
CJ Greenc sub (CT Bancroft) b Marsh7801087.5
AF Milnec Fawad Ahmed b Richardson1200050
B Doggettb Richardson5801062.5
Tanveer Sanghanot out000000
Extras6 (3w, 10lb)
Total10/168 (20 overs, 8.4rpo)
JA Richardson402446--1650
JP Behrendorff302528.33--831
AJ Tye4028273-1240
AM Hardie302709--822
MR Marsh3034111.33--651
Fawad Ahmed302709--402
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