Cumilla Warriors CW v KHU Khulna TigersBangladesh Premier League 2019 • Shere Bangla National Stadium, Dhaka — 11 January 2020

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Khulna TigersWinner
2/218 1st innings

Nazmul Hossain Shantolbw b Ifran Hossain13---33.33
Mehedi Hasan Mirazretired hurt7445-53164.44
RR Rossouwc Sabbir Rahman b Mujeeb Ur Rahman2411--3218.18
Mushfiqur Rahimnot out9857-123171.92
Najibullah Zadrannot out74--1175
Did not batR Frylinck, Shahidul Islam, Shamsur Rahman, Shafiul Islam, Mohammad Amir, Saif Hassan, Aminul Islam
Extras14 (10w, 4lb)
Total2/218 (20 overs, 10.9rpo)
Ifran Hossain3-38112.66--533
Abu Hider4-57-14.251-353
Soumya Sarkar4-30-7.53-611
Sumon Khan3-40-13.333-151
S van Zyl2-31-15.5---32
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Cumilla Warriors
9/126 2nd innings

S van Zylc Rossouw b Shahidul Islam1013-1-76.92
Sabbir Rahmanb Mohammad Amir-1----
WU Tharangac sub (Saif Hassan) b Shamsur Rahman3223-6-139.13
DJ Malanb Shahidul Islam85-2-160
Soumya Sarkarlbw b Mohammad Amir1017---58.82
Yasir Alic Najibullah Zadran b Aminul Islam2016-11125
Fardeen Hasanc Shahidul Islam b Frylinck2223--195.65
Abu Hiderc Shamsur Rahman b Aminul Islam35---60
Mujeebc Aminul Islam b Shahidul Islam28---25
Sumon Khannot out97--1128.57
Ifran Hossainnot out13---33.33
Extras9 (10w, 4lb)
Total9/126 (20 overs, 6.3rpo)
Mohammad Amir4-24261-1211
R Frylinck4-2516.251-1221
Shahidul Islam4-2736.7521103-
Shamsur Rahman2-1718.51-53-
Aminul Islam4-1924.75--10-1
Shafiul Islam2-11-5.5--51-
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