Canterbury Kings CAN v NOR Northern KnightsGeorgie Pie Super Smash 2014-15 • Hagley Oval, Christchurch — 12 November 2014

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Northern KnightsWinner
6/184 1st innings

AP Devcichc McCone b van Beek50405870125
DR Flynnc †Fletcher b van Beek67404683167.5
TR Birtc & b Astle4650066.66
DG Brownliest †Fletcher b Astle1491001155.55
DJ Mitchellc Astle b Ellis22152602146.66
DL Vettorirun out (Henry/Ellis)21111920190.9
SC Kuggeleijnnot out00100-
Did not batGW Aldridge, B Laughlin, JJ Boult, TL Seifert
Extras6 (1w, 1nb, 3lb, 1b)
Total6/184 (20 overs, 9.2rpo)
RJ McCone302608.661----
MJ Henry3037012.33-----
AM Ellis403619-1---
RM Hira403508.75-----
TD Astle403729.25-----
LV van Beek20924.5-----

Canterbury Kings
10/164 2nd innings

NT Broomc Mitchell b Vettori29272912107.4
RM Hirac Mitchell b Boult44293761151.72
AC Blizzardretired hurt1281301150
PG Fultonc Devcich b Kuggeleijn33193422173.68
BJ Diamantic Laughlin b Kuggeleijn19182301105.55
AM Ellisrun out (Boult)58160062.5
CD Fletcherc †Seifert b Kuggeleijn023000
TD Astlerun out (Brownlie/Boult)33900100
MJ Henryc Brownlie b Devcich54510125
LV van Beekrun out (Mitchell/†Seifert)1250050
RJ McConenot out00100-
Extras13 (1w, 1nb, 3lb, 1b)
Total10/164 (19.4 overs, 8.33rpo)
SC Kuggeleijn403037.51----
GW Aldridge2023011.5-----
DL Vettori403919.75-2---
B Laughlin403308.253----
JJ Boult301314.33-----
AP Devcich2.4024191----
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