FATA Cheetas FAT v RAW Rawalpindi RamsNational T20 Cup 2014-15 • National Stadium, Karachi — 16 September 2014

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FATA Cheetas
6/141 1st innings

Saeed Khanc Samiullah b Nasir Malik412140033.33
Majid Khanc Umar Amin b Samiullah26192950136.84
Rehan Afridic Nasir Malik b Samiullah43385032113.15
Mohammad Naeemc Zahid Mansoor b Yasim Murtaza32253040128
Khushdil Shahc Awais Zia b Sohail Tanvir12101720120
Asif Afridic Umar Amin b Nasir Malik028000
Asif Alinot out14111610127.27
Almar Afridinot out34120075
Did not batZeeshan Khan, Usman Khan, Irfanullah
Extras7 (2w, 2nb, 3lb)
Total6/141 (20 overs, 7.05rpo)
Sohail Tanvir403418.521---
Nasir Malik402526.25-----
Akhtar Ayub201206-----
Yasim Murtaza403418.5-----
Hammad Azam201708.5-----

Rawalpindi RamsWinner
2/144 2nd innings

Awais Zianot out1005568134181.81
Naved Maliklbw b Irfanullah047000
Zahid Mansoorc †Rehan Afridi b Usman Khan23224520104.54
Umar Aminnot out17111430154.54
Did not batSohail Tanvir, Akhtar Ayub, Yasim Murtaza, Jamal Anwar, Nasir Malik, Hammad Azam, Samiullah
Extras4 (2w, 2nb, 3lb)
Total2/144 (15.2 overs, 9.39rpo)
Usman Khan3021171----
Asif Ali3027091----
Asif Afridi3.203109.3-----
Zeeshan Khan2023011.51----
Saeed Khan1014014-----
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