Bermuda BER v PNG Papua New GuineaICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier 2013-14 • ICC Academy Ground No 2, Dubai — 23 November 2013

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Papua New GuineaWinner
5/168 1st innings

A Valarun out (Jones)22200100
TP Urab Stovell47323243146.87
K Palab Jones011000
GO Jonesc †KL Tucker b Bashir76510116.66
J Varelbw b Jones14141230100
MD Dainot out64425061152.38
CJA Amininot out32232322139.13
Did not batCR Amini, WT Gavera, JB Reva, P Raho
Extras2 (2lb)
Total5/168 (20 overs, 8.4rpo)
MO Jones402827-----
KE Bashir4044111-----
J Robinson403609-----
DC Stovell402015-----
JJ Tucker403809.5-----

9/143 2nd innings

DC Stovellc Gavera b CR Amini1015211066.66
TS Frayc †Vare b Gavera43900133.33
DL Hempc †Vare b Gavera64497371130.61
JJ Tuckerc Reva b CJA Amini42252742168
AC Douglaslbw b Reva044000
MO Jonesrun out (CR Amini)2450050
LOB Cannc Raho b CR Amini1350033.33
J Robinsonc †Vare b Reva1470025
KL Tuckernot out441000100
T Mandersb Gavera128520150
KE Bashirnot out11100100
Extras2 (2lb)
Total9/143 (20 overs, 7.15rpo)
WT Gavera411734.25-----
P Raho403007.5-----
JB Reva402626.5-----
CR Amini402526.251----
MD Dai1015015-----
CJA Amini201517.5-----
A Vala1014014-----
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