Bermuda BER v DEN DenmarkICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier 2013-14 • ICC Academy, Dubai — 15 November 2013

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8/111 1st innings

FA Klokkerlbw b Stovell2326423088.46
Yasir Iqballbw b Brangman78141087.5
Aftab Ahmed (2)lbw b Brangman1410721140
Kamran Mahmoodb Brangman98700112.5
MR Pedersenrun out (Stovell)68100075
HAM Shahst †KL Tucker b Robinson31303030103.33
Rizwan Mahmoodlbw b Stovell310100030
CR Pedersennot out1216180075
CJ Botmab Robinson043000
Did not batBashir Shah, RB Javed
Extras6 (6w)
Total8/111 (20 overs, 5.55rpo)
MO Jones201708.51----
KS Leverock301605.331----
DL Brangman402937.251----
DC Stovell401423.51----
JJ Tucker402005-----
J Robinson3015251----

1/112 2nd innings

DC Stovellst †Klokker b Yasir Iqbal24111550218.18
T Mandersnot out4548657093.75
DL Hempnot out2739492069.23
Did not batLOB Cann, JJ Tucker, KL Tucker, J Robinson, MO Jones, KS Leverock, AC Douglas, DL Brangman
Extras16 (6w)
Total1/112 (16.2 overs, 6.85rpo)
Bashir Shah21502.5-----
Aftab Ahmed (2)4040010-----
Yasir Iqbal201316.53----
MR Pedersen201005-----
HAM Shah201206-----
Kamran Mahmood20904.5-----
RB Javed2.201004.28-----
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