Otago Sparks OTA v AUC Auckland HeartsNew Zealand Cricket Women's Twenty20 2012-13 • Queen's Park, Invercargill — 22 November 2012

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Auckland Hearts
8/111 1st innings

MA Tremaineb Bates66700100
SRH Curtisc †Martin b Bates515190033.33
ML Greenlbw b Tsukigawa1420025
VJ Lindc Inglis b Cowan3233523096.96
KT Perkinsc Bates b Abbott1921292090.47
LR Downc Bates b Abbott021000
HR Huddlestonrun out (Bates)1720340085
AN Kellyc Stiven b Tsukigawa512120041.66
RSM Lili'inot out3870037.5
Did not batPA Gruber, GA Guy
Extras23 (16w, 1nb, 6lb)
Total8/111 (20 overs, 5.55rpo)
EM Campbell401704.251----
SW Bates401523.75-----
SJ Tsukigawa401523.751----
VL Abbott402626.52----
KA Stiven108083----
AE White20180921---
MR Cowan10616-----

Otago SparksWinner
1/88 2nd innings

KJ Martinnot out635057100126
SW Batesc Green b Down1920471095
SJ Tsukigawanot out14100025
Did not batEM Campbell, KJ Crowley, LM Grant, VL Abbott, KA Stiven, AE White, MR Cowan, PM Inglis
Extras5 (16w, 1nb, 6lb)
Total1/88 (12.2 overs, 7.13rpo)
HR Huddleston20904.5-----
AN Kelly201306.51----
GA Guy201708.5-----
MA Tremaine107071----
PA Gruber301505-----
RSM Lili'i1012012-----
LR Down1.201219-----
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