Hyderabad (India) HYD v TAM Tamil NaduSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2012-13 • Prerana Education Society Institute of Technology, Shimoga — 21 March 2013

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Hyderabad (India)Winner
7/167 1st innings

TL Sumanc Sam b Shah4836-32133.33
PA Reddyc Mukund b Sam66-10100
DB Ravi Tejac Shankar b Kumar812-0166.66
BP Sandeepc Mukund b Balaji4424-70183.33
GH Viharib Balaji2120-20105
AA Bhandaric Kumar b Amarnath66-10100
G Rahul Singhc Kumar b Amarnath33-00100
A Ashish Reddynot out96-10150
H Ahmednot out177-11242.85
Did not batPKKK Naidu, Anwar Ahmed, CV Milind
Extras5 (3w, 2lb)
Total7/167 (20 overs, 8.35rpo)
L Balaji402426-----
S Sam4032181----
P Amarnath403328.251----
SS Kumar2020110-----
V Shankar2027013.51----
RS Shah402917.25-----

Tamil Nadu
9/159 2nd innings

S Anirudhac & b Bhandari2822-51127.27
KB Arun Karthikc Suman b Ashish Reddy4024-51166.66
A Mukundc †Ahmed b Ashish Reddy2018-10111.11
S Badrinathc †Ahmed b Bhandari2123-2091.3
KD Karthikb Bhandari810-1080
V Shankarrun out (Ashish Reddy/†Ahmed)65-00120
L Balajic Vihari b Milind126-11200
SS Kumarc Bhandari b Milind149-20155.55
RS Shahc sub (PKKK Naidu) b Milind01-000
P Amarnathnot out02-000
S Samnot out00-00-
Extras10 (3w, 2lb)
Total9/159 (20 overs, 7.95rpo)
CV Milind402235.5-----
Anwar Ahmed403308.251----
AA Bhandari402436-----
TL Suman1012012-----
A Ashish Reddy403929.75-----
BP Sandeep3021071----
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