Assam ASS v ODI OdishaSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2012-13 • Tripura Institute of Technology Ground, Agartala — 17 March 2013

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7/140 1st innings

P Patelc PL Das b Syed Mohammad2317-21135.29
BS Patirun out (RK Das)5441-32131.7
AA Singhrun out (AK Das/Syed Mohammad)99-10100
GB Podderc Debnath b AK Das3823-31165.21
BB Samantrayc Syed Mohammad b PL Das12-0050
AK Sahooc †Rajdeep Das b AK Das99-00100
SD Sahooc Roy b AK Das01-000
SB Pradhannot out00-00-
Did not batRK Mohanty, B Mohanty, LL Samal
Extras6 (5w, 1lb)
Total7/140 (17 overs, 8.23rpo)
AN Ahmed302608.66-----
AK Das302036.662----
PL Das302618.662----
G Sharma403909.75-----
J Syed Mohammad4028171----

3/141 2nd innings

PP Dasrun out (Samantray)2923-40126.08
RK Dasc AK Sahoo b Pradhan15-0020
PK Debnathnot out6945-82153.33
DS Jadhavrun out (AK Sahoo)1215-0080
J Syed Mohammadnot out1610-10160
Did not batG Sharma, AN Ahmed, PL Das, Rajdeep Das, SA Roy, AK Das
Extras14 (5w, 1lb)
Total3/141 (16.2 overs, 8.63rpo)
SB Pradhan2112161----
B Mohanty3.202106.3-----
AK Sahoo3031010.33-----
P Patel1010010-----
RK Mohanty201909.5-----
BB Samantray402506.251----
LL Samal1011011-----
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