Canada CAN v NEP NepalICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier 2012 • Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Sharjah — 19 March 2012

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8/101 1st innings

R Gunasekerac Gauchan b Sawad15150020
Rizwan Cheemab Gauchan1510930150
H Patelc Sawad b Khadka1322231059.09
NR Kumarrun out (B Regmi/Khadka)1115190073.33
AS Hansranot out2934460185.29
TG Gordonlbw b Khadka1518191183.33
HS Baidwanrun out (Khadka/B Regmi)54400125
Junaid Siddiquist †Malla b B Regmi78101087.5
H Osindeb Sawad1350033.33
RA Bhattinot out22200100
Did not batZahid Hussain
Extras2 (1nb, 1lb)
Total8/101 (20 overs, 5.05rpo)
SP Gauchan411714.25-----
C Sawad402927.25-1---
B Regmi401714.25-----
P Khadka401523.75-----
S Regmi402205.5-----

10/83 2nd innings

AK Mandalb Junaid Siddiqui15141020107.14
P Aireerun out (Rizwan Cheema/Junaid Siddiqui)811221072.72
P Baskotac Rizwan Cheema b Junaid Siddiqui2310066.66
P Khadkab Zahid Hussain2440050
B Regmic Gunasekera b Junaid Siddiqui022000
G Mallac Hansra b Baidwan613120046.15
S Vesawkarrun out (Kumar/Baidwan)2835441080
PP Lohanib Hansra613140046.15
SP Gauchanrun out (Kumar/†Bhatti)1091210111.11
C Sawadrun out (Gordon)1320033.33
S Regminot out53210166.66
Extras0 (1nb, 1lb)
Total10/83 (18.2 overs, 4.52rpo)
H Osinde1011011-----
Junaid Siddiqui401333.25-----
Zahid Hussain401112.75-----
Rizwan Cheema301404.66-----
HS Baidwan3.201915.7-----
AS Hansra301515-----
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