Italy ITA v SCO ScotlandICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier 2012 • ICC Academy Ground No 2, Dubai — 18 March 2012

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8/136 1st innings

MJ Di Venutob Parker89101088.88
GK Bergc MacLeod b Haq29274230107.4
PA Petricolac Haq b Drummond2832410187.5
DG Crowleyrun out (Berrington/Mommsen)1215201080
CS Sandric Mommsen b Haq25172211147.05
A Bonorarun out (Mommsen/Berrington)1440025
HP Patrizilbw b Sharif76810116.66
AM Northcotenot out1151120220
V Pennazzac MacLeod b Parker125711240
GRD Munasinghenot out00100-
Did not batDSF Arsakulasuriya
Extras3 (2w, 1lb)
Total8/136 (20 overs, 6.8rpo)
S Sharif302618.661----
MA Parker302428-----
GD Drummond301615.33-----
RD Berrington302608.661----
PL Mommsen402706.75-----
RM Haq401624-----

3/137 2nd innings

RD Berringtonb Munasinghe67456663148.88
CS MacLeodb Pennazza14121820116.66
PL Mommsenc †Patrizi b Berg36303341120
KJ Coetzernot out1516211093.75
DF Wattsnot out1670016.66
Did not batRM Haq, GD Drummond, JH Stander, MA Parker, S Sharif, CD Wallace
Extras4 (2w, 1lb)
Total3/137 (18 overs, 7.61rpo)
GK Berg402716.7511---
CS Sandri302709-----
GRD Munasinghe4024161----
V Pennazza402716.75-----
DSF Arsakulasuriya107071----
DG Crowley10808-----
PA Petricola1016016-----
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