Netherlands NED v NEP NepalICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier 2012 • ICC Academy, Dubai — 18 March 2012

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7/85 1st innings

AK Mandalb Borren1124-1045.83
P Aireec Seelaar b Swart16-0016.66
S Vesawkarlbw b Mudassar Bukhari15-0020
P Khadkalbw b Swart12-0050
G Mallarun out (Mudassar Bukhari)3249-2065.3
M Alamb Cooper16-0016.66
P Baskotarun out (Borren/†Buurman)810-0080
B Regminot out2017-30117.64
SP Gauchannot out22-00100
Did not batS Regmi, C Sawad
Extras8 (3w, 1nb, 4lb)
Total7/85 (20 overs, 4.25rpo)
MR Swart401323.25-----
Mudassar Bukhari40912.25-----
PW Borren311414.66-1---
PM Seelaar401403.5-----
TLW Cooper20914.51----
Ahsan Malik302207.331----

4/86 2nd innings

SJ Myburghb Gauchan1511-11136.36
MR Swartlbw b B Regmi1626-0061.53
W Barresist †Malla b B Regmi1415-2093.33
TLW Coopernot out1815-11120
AN Kervezeec & b B Regmi1510-11150
PW Borrennot out56-0083.33
Did not batAF Buurman, TN de Grooth, PM Seelaar, Mudassar Bukhari, Ahsan Malik
Extras3 (3w, 1nb, 4lb)
Total4/86 (13.5 overs, 6.21rpo)
SP Gauchan402315.75-----
C Sawad20703.5-----
S Regmi201708.5-----
B Regmi4032381----
P Khadka1.50502.72-----
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