Bermuda BER v HK Hong KongICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier 2012 • ICC Academy Ground No 2, Dubai — 13 March 2012

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5/161 1st innings

LOB Cannb Munir Dar1415-2093.33
DC Stovelllbw b Nizakat Khan2915-50193.33
DL Hempc sub (MC Tucker) b Munir Dar4343-31100
SD Outerbridgeb Asif Khan1421-1066.66
JJ Tuckernot out3119-22163.15
KS Leverockb Irfan Ahmed187-12257.14
JE Pitchernot out11-00100
Did not batRJ Trott, TS Fray, J Gilbert, J Anderson
Extras11 (2w, 1nb, 8b)
Total5/161 (20 overs, 8.05rpo)
Daljeet Singh1011011-----
Munir Dar3033211-----
Irfan Ahmed403418.5-1---
Asif Khan40401101----
Nizakat Khan401513.751----
Aizaz Khan402005-----

Hong KongWinner
2/164 2nd innings

Irfan Ahmedc Fray b Tucker5037-62135.13
B Hayatc Cann b Leverock63-10200
JJ Atkinsonnot out8755-132158.18
CK Krugernot out910-1090
Did not batJPR Lamsam, Munir Dar, Nizakat Khan, Waqas Barkat, Aizaz Khan, Asif Khan, MC Tucker, Daljeet Singh
Extras12 (2w, 1nb, 8b)
Total2/164 (17.3 overs, 9.37rpo)
KS Leverock2.30251101----
DC Stovell4041010.25-----
J Gilbert1014014-----
JE Pitcher20240122----
RJ Trott402506.25-----
JJ Tucker4028172----
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