Central Hinds CEN v AUC Auckland HeartsAction Cricket Twenty20 2011-12 • Lincoln No. 3, Lincoln — 26 December 2011

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Central Hinds
5/114 1st innings

EAJ Richardsonc Gruber b Bullen3990033.33
RH Priestc Tremaine b Down3540522087.5
SJ McGlashanb Gruber2834313082.35
KE Broadmorec Gruber b Down23171921135.29
KA Tomlinsonrun out (Perkins/Gruber/†Lind)12121300100
E Lansernot out66900100
HBA Macdonaldnot out32400150
Did not batAK Burrows, SB Hui, MP Singh, KE Baxter
Extras4 (3w, 1lb)
Total5/114 (20 overs, 5.7rpo)
SR Taylor301906.33-----
SM Bullen411012.5-----
MA Tremaine301605.331----
GA Guy301906.33-----
PA Gruber403218-----
LR Down301725.661----

Auckland HeartsWinner
2/118 2nd innings

SR Taylorrun out (Broadmore/Hui)3341522080.48
SRH Curtisc †Priest b Burrows22161750137.5
ML Greennot out37294750127.58
KT Perkinsnot out14121230116.66
Did not batPA Gruber, SM Bullen, VJ Lind, MA Tremaine, HR Huddleston, LR Down, GA Guy
Extras12 (3w, 1lb)
Total2/118 (15.5 overs, 7.45rpo)
AK Burrows401814.5-----
MP Singh3035011.663----
EAJ Richardson301605.331----
E Lanser201306.51----
KE Broadmore201407-----
SB Hui1.502201213---
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