Canada CAN v TT Trinidad & TobagoCaribbean T20 2010-11 • Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, North Sound — 15 January 2011

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5/128 1st innings

H Patellbw b Badree712-1-58.33
R Gunasekerab Mohammed3940-3-97.5
ZE Surkaric Badree b S Ganga4249-4-85.71
Rizwan Cheemarun out (S Ganga)126-11200
A Bagaic Rampaul b S Ganga610---60
AS Hansranot out12---50
TG Gordonnot out82--1400
Did not batWD Balaji Rao, Khurram Chohan, HS Baidwan, PA Desai
Extras13 (2w, 1nb, 7lb, 3b)
Total5/128 (20 overs, 6.4rpo)
R Rampaul3-19-6.33-----
S Badree4-20151----
S Ganga4-2626.511---
K Cooper4-24-6-----
I Khan2-14-7-----
JN Mohammed3-1515-----
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Trinidad & TobagoWinner
5/129 2nd innings

AB Barathb Desai1715-21113.33
LMP Simmonsc Khurram Chohan b Balaji Rao3129-31106.89
DM Bravoc Desai b Baidwan821---38.09
D Ganganot out2731-1-87.09
D Ramdinc Surkari b Balaji Rao89--188.88
JN Mohammedrun out (Gordon/†Bagai)137-11185.71
K Coopernot out128-2-150
Did not batS Badree, S Ganga, I Khan, R Rampaul
Extras13 (2w, 1nb, 7lb, 3b)
Total5/129 (20 overs, 6.45rpo)
Khurram Chohan3-19-6.332----
PA Desai3-2418-----
AS Hansra4-29-7.25-----
HS Baidwan411213-----
Rizwan Cheema3-16-5.33-----
WD Balaji Rao3-24282----
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