Assam ASS v ODI OdishaSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2010-11 • Sunshine Ground, Cuttack — 20 October 2010

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7/129 1st innings

Natraj Beherac †Saikia b Goswami1713-01130.76
BS Patirun out (Sriram/†Saikia)02-000
P Patelc Debnath b Konwar2827-40103.7
H Dasc Jadhav b Sharma1319-0068.42
RR Dasc Debnath b Sharma02-000
N Beherac Sriram b Goswami3230-11106.66
PM Mullickrun out (Jadhav/Sharma)55-00100
RK Mohantynot out2120-10105
DR Beheranot out33-00100
Did not batPreetamjit Das, SK Jena
Extras10 (6w, 1nb, 3lb)
Total7/129 (20 overs, 6.45rpo)
PL Das4028071----
DS Goswami402927.252----
A Konwar401614-----
S Sriram402706.75-1---
G Sharma402626.53----

10/107 2nd innings

DS Jadhavc Pati b Jena912-0175
P Azizst †H Das b Mohanty1625-1064
PK Debnathb Jena02-000
S Sriramc RR Das b Mohanty2024-1083.33
Deepak Sharmac †H Das b Patel47-0057.14
AA Muzumdarc Jena b N Behera109-10111.11
KN Saikialbw b Mohanty56-1083.33
G Sharmanot out3120-31155
DS Goswamilbw b N Behera87-10114.28
PL Dasrun out (†H Das)00-000
A Konwarrun out (†H Das)11-00100
Extras3 (6w, 1nb, 3lb)
Total10/107 (18.5 overs, 5.68rpo)
SK Jena31622-----
Preetamjit Das2.501806.35-----
DR Behera10909-----
N Behera301625.331----
RK Mohanty401834.5-----
PM Mullick10707-----
P Patel403117.75-----
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