Baroda BAR v MUM MumbaiSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2010-11 • Moti Bagh Stadium, Vadodara — 19 October 2010

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4/122 1st innings

PR Shahc & b Iqbal Abdulla2428393085.71
IA Sindhib Raje1191411122.22
AT Rayuduc Rahane b Raje45445840102.27
YK Pathanc †Tare b Khan29100022.22
SA Gaekwadnot out31263210119.23
Swapnil Singhnot out35110060
Did not batAK Argal, MY Vahora, ARPS Chauhan, VM Parmar, K Panchal
Extras6 (4w, 1nb, 1lb)
Total4/122 (20 overs, 6.1rpo)
AB Agarkar402506.251----
RR Raje402927.251----
JJ Khan402817-----
AM Nayar40240611---
Iqbal Abdulla401513.751----

4/126 2nd innings

PC Valthatyc Argal b Chauhan4871050
W Jaffernot out554310041127.9
AM Rahanec Vahora b Swapnil Singh24222431109.09
P Khanapurkarst †Shah b Swapnil Singh2132320165.62
AM Nayarc Chauhan b Swapnil Singh1220050
AP Tarenot out15133130115.38
Did not batAB Agarkar, Iqbal Abdulla, RR Raje, SD Chitnis, JJ Khan
Extras6 (4w, 1nb, 1lb)
Total4/126 (20 overs, 6.3rpo)
MY Vahora402907.25-----
ARPS Chauhan2018192----
Swapnil Singh402135.25-----
AK Argal302006.662----
VM Parmar301806-----
YK Pathan401904.751----
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