Western Australia WA v SA South AustraliaTwenty20 Big Bash 2010-11 • W.A.C.A. Ground, Perth — 12 January 2011

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South AustraliaWinner
8/202 1st innings

DJ Harrisc Voges b Mahmood7037-93189.18
M Klingerc Gayle b Dorey3525-31140
KA Pollardc Marsh b Lewis5526-54211.53
CJ Fergusonretired hurt01-000
DT Christianrun out (Mahmood/Dorey)2121-01100
TLW Cooperc Marsh b Dorey14-0025
GA Manouc †Ronchi b Dorey12-0050
AW O'Brienb Lewis44-00100
AU Rashidrun out (Mahmood/†Ronchi)01-000
NM Lyonnot out11-00100
Did not batBM Edmondson, JM Vaughan
Extras14 (4w, 2nb, 6lb, 2b)
Total8/202 (20 overs, 10.1rpo)
AK Heal4032081----
BR Dorey403338.25-1---
SI Mahmood2039119.521---
MJ Johnston1017017-----
ML Lewis402626.5-----
CH Gayle403408.51----
MJ North1013013-----

Western Australia
9/156 2nd innings

CH Gaylest †Manou b Lyon62-01300
SE Marshc Klinger b O'Brien2422-21109.09
AC Vogesrun out (Harris)1411-20127.27
MJ Northb Lyon4829-42165.51
TM Beatonc †Manou b Harris1722-1077.27
L Ronchic O'Brien b Pollard1311-10118.18
MJ Johnstonb Harris95-01180
SI Mahmoodc Cooper b O'Brien01-000
AK Healc sub (JM Vaughan) b Pollard12-0050
BR Doreynot out37-0042.85
ML Lewisnot out98-10112.5
Extras12 (4w, 2nb, 6lb, 2b)
Total9/156 (20 overs, 7.8rpo)
NM Lyon4045211.251----
KA Pollard402626.52----
BM Edmondson402706.751----
AW O'Brien402025-----
AU Rashid1012012-----
DT Christian1.20906.751----
DJ Harris1.401428.4-----
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