Kenya KEN v UGA UgandaKenya T20 Tri-Series 2009-10 • Gymkhana Club Ground, Nairobi — 02 February 2010

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3/186 1st innings

DO Obuyac Mukasa b Arinaitwe1819-2194.73
AA Obandab Ssemanda4324-33179.16
CO Obuyanot out7945-37175.55
MA Oumast †Sematimba b Nsubuga3932--3121.87
RR Patelnot out11---100
Did not batJK Kamande, LN Onyango, AO Suji, E Otieno, NM Odhiambo, SO Ngoche
Extras6 (1w, 1nb, 3lb, 1b)
Total3/186 (20 overs, 9.3rpo)
D Tabby2-21-10.51----
J Sebanja4-44-11-1---
DK Arinaitwe411213-----
R Ssemanda4-40110-----
F Nsubuga4-41110.25-----
RG Mukasa2-24-12-----
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9/172 2nd innings

RG Mukasac Patel b Odhiambo6641-62160.97
AS Kyobec Ouma b Otieno107-2-142.85
L Sematimbarun out (Kamande)1215-1-80
F Nsubugab Odhiambo75--1140
A Zirabast †DO Obuya b Odhiambo79---77.77
F Isabiryec Suji b Odhiambo25---40
R Otimc Ouma b Suji2518-21138.88
R Ssemandarun out (Kamande)149--1155.55
DK Arinaitwenot out169-1-177.77
J Sebanjab Suji12---50
Did not batD Tabby
Extras12 (1w, 1nb, 3lb, 1b)
Total9/172 (20 overs, 8.6rpo)
LN Onyango4-44-111----
E Otieno2-1517.5-----
JK Kamande4-32-81----
SO Ngoche2-26-131----
NM Odhiambo4-2546.25-----
AO Suji4-2526.25-----
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