Punjab PUN v JAM Jammu & KashmirSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2009-10 • Palam A Stadium, Delhi — 21 October 2009

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9/114 1st innings

S Sohalc Beigh b Dutta2528373089.28
R Inder Singhrun out (Shah)17110014.28
T Kohlic Hardeep Singh b Beigh2890025
M Sidhanast †Bisla b Baloria1421290066.66
Bipul Sharmarun out (Dutta/†Bisla)7881087.5
C Madanc Haroon b Abid Nabi26192502136.84
RS Sodhic Dutta b Shah88910100
MS Gonyc Mahajan b Beigh15141601107.14
R Sharmab Beigh74701175
A Jundnot out42500200
L Ablishnot out11300100
Extras4 (2w, 2b)
Total9/114 (20 overs, 5.7rpo)
Abid Nabi402215.5-----
S Beigh401834.52----
A Baloria401814.5-----
R Dutta402215.5-----
HN Shah403218-----

Jammu & Kashmir
10/96 2nd innings

VR Manec †Madan b Gony4531080
MS Bislab Sodhi1827500166.66
Javed Ahmedb Gony1680016.66
HN Shahc †Madan b Bipul Sharma68101075
D Mahajanrun out (Bipul Sharma/†Madan)49150044.44
Hardeep Singhlbw b Sodhi61081060
O Haroonlbw b Sodhi1213131092.3
A Baloriast †Madan b Sharma611110054.54
Abid Nabic Sidhana b Gony23161111143.75
S Beighnot out11101310110
R Duttarun out (Sidhana/†Madan)00100-
Extras5 (2w, 2b)
Total10/96 (19 overs, 5.05rpo)
MS Gony401533.75-----
L Ablish301605.33-----
Bipul Sharma402115.25-----
A Jund1010010-1---
R Sharma301013.331----
RS Sodhi402335.752----
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