Ruhuna RUH v KAN KandurataSri Lanka Cricket Inter-Provincial Twenty20 Tournament 2008-09 • Colts Cricket Club Ground, Colombo — 28 March 2009

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10/119 1st innings

NT Paranavitanac Dilhara b Rideegammanagedera05-000
BMAJ Mendisc Sampath b Lakshitha18-0012.5
KC Sangakkarac & b Malinga4124-70170.83
CK Kapugederac Malinga b Lakshitha47-0057.14
K Weeraratnec Tharanga b Dilhara128-20150
CU Jayasingheb Kulasekara4726-43180.76
GASK Gangodawilab Lakshitha34-0075
ASA Pererarun out (Sampath)56-0083.33
M Muralitharanb Lakshitha13-0033.33
T Thusharanot out01-000
CRD Fernandoc †de Silva b Lakshitha01-000
Extras5 (1w, 3lb, 1b)
Total10/119 (15.3 overs, 7.67rpo)
SL Malinga214121----
A Rideegammanagedera403318.25-----
ABT Lakshitha3.311654.57-----
CKB Kulasekara302819.33-----
LHD Dilhara2021110.5-----
ST Jayasuriya1013013-----

10/107 2nd innings

WU Tharangalbw b Paranavitana03-000
ST Jayasuriyac Paranavitana b Fernando1611-11145.45
TN Sampathc Muralitharan b Jayasinghe14-0025
SI de Saramc †Sangakkara b Fernando5351-42103.92
LHD Dilhararun out (Jayasinghe)00-00-
A Rideegammanagederac & b Weeraratne1019-0052.63
GT de Silvac Thushara b Muralitharan614-0042.85
CKB Kulasekarac Paranavitana b Fernando33-00100
S Weerakoonc Jayasinghe b Thushara23-0066.66
SL Malingab Fernando34-0075
ABT Lakshithanot out12-0050
Extras12 (1w, 3lb, 1b)
Total10/107 (19 overs, 5.63rpo)
NT Paranavitana20914.52----
CU Jayasinghe201618-----
M Muralitharan402115.252----
CRD Fernando401443.5-----
K Weeraratne301615.331----
T Thushara402917.251----
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