Northern Spirit NOR v CEN Central HindsState League Twenty20 2008 • Blake Park, Mount Maunganui — 19 December 2008

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Northern SpiritWinner
3/152 1st innings

JM Fraserb Winkley1320310065
KL Pulfordc Sutherland b Winkley61474970129.78
AJ Wilkinsc Rangi b McWilliams50343051147.05
NJ Brownenot out15141910107.14
LE Millikennot out85610160
Did not batHR Huddleston, MJG Nielsen, NC Dodd, AM Peterson, A Swart, EL Bailey, EM Wilson
Extras5 (5w)
Total3/152 (20 overs, 7.6rpo)
AL Watkins4024062-000
AK Burrows402907.253-000
ZA McWilliams403719.25--000
KM Winkley402125.25--000
KE Broadmore4041010.25--000

Central Hinds
7/145 2nd innings

AL Watkinslbw b Pulford2590040
KM Sutherlandc Browne b Wilson33333740100
SJ McGlashanlbw b Wilson27222940122.72
RH Candyc Browne b Wilson1460025
RH Priestst †Wilkins b Bailey21192020110.52
KE Broadmorec Pulford b Milliken25212820119.04
KM Winkleyc Pulford b Bailey1210050
ZA McWilliamsnot out15101520150
KCR Ranginot out65400120
Did not batAK Burrows, CJ Sim, MA Frey
Extras14 (5w)
Total7/145 (20 overs, 7.25rpo)
KL Pulford411413.51-000
HR Huddleston302608.663-000
EM Wilson403839.5-1000
NJ Browne4020051-000
LE Milliken403619--000
EL Bailey107274-000
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