Otago Volts OTA v NOR Northern KnightsNew Zealand Domestic Twenty20 2008-09 • University Oval, Dunedin — 15 February 2009

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Otago VoltsWinner
4/191 1st innings

AJ Redmondc Williamson b Martin80516374156.86
HD Rutherfordc Wilson b Yovich27162741168.75
CD Cummingc †Watling b Martin11101101110
AD Mascarenhasc †Watling b Yovich55303953183.33
GR Toddnot out1011220090.9
WC McSkimmingnot out1360033.33
Did not batDC de Boorder, SW Eathorne, JM McMillan, N Wagner, MD Craig
Extras7 (3w, 1nb, 2lb, 1b)
Total4/191 (20 overs, 9.55rpo)
JAF Yovich403528.75-----
BE Scott403107.7511---
TT Davis20300151----
BJ Arnel302809.33-----
KS Williamson1010010-----
BP Martin403428.51----
DR Flynn2020010-----

Northern Knights
8/170 2nd innings

BS Wilsonb Cumming91536093171.69
BJ Watlingc Eathorne b McMillan813170061.53
ME Parlanec Eathorne b Mascarenhas18141811128.57
HJH Marshallc & b Cumming37100042.85
DR Flynnnot out35213713166.66
JAF Yovichst †de Boorder b Cumming011000
KS Williamsonc Mascarenhas b Wagner3440075
TT Davisrun out (Wagner)00100-
BE Scottst †de Boorder b Cumming54410125
BP Martinnot out44900100
Did not batBJ Arnel
Extras3 (3w, 1nb, 2lb, 1b)
Total8/170 (20 overs, 8.5rpo)
N Wagner402115.25-----
WC McSkimming302508.33-----
JM McMillan3038112.66-1---
MD Craig302608.66-----
AD Mascarenhas403418.5-----
CD Cumming302448-----
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