India Women IND-W v SLA-W Sri Lanka WomenICC Women's T20 World Cup 2009 • The Cooper Associates County Ground, Taunton — 14 June 2009

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Sri Lanka Women
6/94 1st innings

PRCS Kumarihamib Sharma21180018.18
SI Galagedaralbw b Dhar661510100
WHD Fernandoc Raut b Dhar26110033.33
AC Jayanganic Raut b Sultana1623272069.56
MADD Surangikac Sharma b Malhotra1733400051.51
LE Kaushalyac Chopra b Sultana76601116.66
HMD Rasangikanot out24202030120
SS Weerakkodynot out83820266.66
Did not batWRP Fernando, APS Lakshika, KDU Prabodhani
Extras12 (7w, 5lb)
Total6/94 (18 overs, 5.22rpo)
J Goswami301906.33-----
R Dhar424211----
A Sharma402315.753----
G Sultana402225.5-----
P Roy10808-----
R Malhotra201316.52----

India WomenWinner
5/95 2nd innings

PG Rautrun out (Kaushalya)3041502073.17
A Choprab Prabodhani1118270061.11
S Naiklbw b WRP Fernando2650033.33
R Dharrun out (Jayangani)013000
M Rajnot out32223140145.45
R Malhotrab Kaushalya12121310100
A Sharmanot out52510250
Did not batJ Goswami, P Roy, G Sultana, H Kaur
Extras3 (7w, 5lb)
Total5/95 (16.5 overs, 5.64rpo)
SS Weerakkody3.502707.04-1---
KDU Prabodhani401313.25-----
PRCS Kumarihami311003.33-----
WRP Fernando201718.5-----
LE Kaushalya3021171----
APS Lakshika10606-----
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