Wellington Blaze WEL v NOR Northern SpiritState League Twenty20 2007 • Karori Park, Wellington — 01 February 2008

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Wellington Blaze
7/128 1st innings

LR Doolanlbw b Pulford4851050
SJ Bradburyst †Gould b Vincent1524280062.5
EJ Scurrrun out (Wilkins)1618252088.88
MG Wakefieldst †Gould b Peterson54494071110.2
MJ Hodgsonb Tomlinson16164200100
EC Perrynot out44800100
AE Cooperb Tomlinson011000
SEA Ruckc & b Tomlinson22300100
Did not batOR Bupha-Intr, JA Young, RJM Moffitt
Extras17 (11w, 3nb, 2lb, 1b)
Total7/128 (20 overs, 6.4rpo)
NJ Browne411704.253-000
KL Pulford402115.252-000
AM Peterson302016.661-000
RF Vincent303011011000
HR Huddleston402606.5-1000
KA Tomlinson201135.52-000

Northern SpiritWinner
1/129 2nd innings

MC Godlimannot out4557664078.94
KL Pulfordb Young11101210110
AJ Wilkinsnot out674253110159.52
Did not batNJ Browne, TM Gould, KL Samkin, HR Huddleston, KA Tomlinson, RF Vincent, NC Dodd, AM Peterson
Extras6 (11w, 3nb, 2lb, 1b)
Total1/129 (18 overs, 7.16rpo)
SEA Ruck302006.66--000
JA Young3012142-000
EC Perry2031015.51-000
AE Cooper302006.66--000
OR Bupha-Intr2012062-000
LR Doolan301705.66--000
RJM Moffitt201708.5-1000
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