Auckland Hearts AUC v NOR Northern SpiritState League Twenty20 2007 • Melville Park, Auckland — 28 December 2007

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Northern SpiritWinner
6/128 1st innings

MC Godlimanrun out (Cronin-Knight)1517133088.23
MJG Nielsenc †Lind b Bullen1321342061.9
NJ Brownenot out56446370127.27
AJ Wilkinsc †Lind b Coetzee15111211136.36
MA Taylorb Gruber1430025
CL Russellrun out (Cronin-Knight)1318180072.22
KA Tomlinsonb Murphy1220050
RF Vincentnot out53300166.66
Did not batTM Gould, HR Huddleston, NC Dodd
Extras9 (6w, 2lb, 1b)
Total6/128 (20 overs, 6.4rpo)
P Mistry403007.52-000
S Coetzee4024162-000
MP Murphy402115.252-000
SM Bullen402215.5--000
PA Gruber402817--000

Auckland Hearts
8/103 2nd innings

RJ Kemberc †Gould b Browne6890075
VJ Lindb Browne511191045.45
I Cronin-Knightc Godliman b Russell1419242073.68
KT Perkinsc Wilkins b Russell1420220070
WL Hornemanc Vincent b Dodd24212620114.28
SRH Curtisc Godliman b Dodd814120057.14
PA Grubernot out1617190094.11
S Coetzeec Wilkins b Vincent66310100
P Mistryc Wilkins b Vincent011000
SM Bullennot out2380066.66
Did not batMP Murphy
Extras8 (6w, 2lb, 1b)
Total8/103 (20 overs, 5.15rpo)
NJ Browne401724.252-000
HR Huddleston402205.51-000
CL Russell402125.252-000
MJG Nielsen201608--000
RF Vincent411523.751-000
NC Dodd201125.5--000
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