Northern Spirit NOR v CAN Canterbury MagiciansState League Twenty20 2007 • Blake Park, Mount Maunganui — 07 December 2007

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Canterbury MagiciansWinner
4/117 1st innings

KA Neilsonrun out (Browne/†Gould)4053621075.47
HM Tiffenb Huddleston47110057.14
AE Satterthwaitec Wilkins b Vincent4046654086.95
SFM Devinec Taylor b Vincent5660083.33
HM Watsonnot out1510920150
EM Berminghamnot out21100200
Did not batBH McNeill, SE Charteris, RC Milburn, ML Mitchell, EC Rae
Extras11 (4w, 3nb, 4lb)
Total4/117 (20 overs, 5.85rpo)
NJ Browne411604-1000
HR Huddleston401513.753-000
NP Edwards301705.66--000
CL Russell402506.25--000
MA Taylor301505--000
RF Vincent2025212.512000

Northern Spirit
10/84 2nd innings

TM Gouldc Bermingham b McNeill4531080
MC Godlimanc †Milburn b McNeill1580020
AJ Wilkinsrun out (McNeill/†Milburn)1021350047.61
NJ Brownec †Milburn b Satterthwaite2024273083.33
HR Huddlestonrun out (Watson/†Milburn)28100025
KL Samkinc McNeill b Charteris815280053.33
MA Taylorb Devine96420150
CL Russellst †Milburn b Charteris1521230071.42
RF Vincentb Mitchell033000
MJG Nielsenc Rae b Mitchell5961055.55
NP Edwardsnot out002000
Extras10 (4w, 3nb, 4lb)
Total10/84 (19.3 overs, 4.3rpo)
BH McNeill401624--000
HM Watson401403.51-000
SFM Devine401914.75--000
AE Satterthwaite301414.664-000
ML Mitchell2.301325.21-000
SE Charteris20623--000
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