Middlesex Panthers MID v SUR Surrey LionsTwenty20 Cup (England) 2005 • Lord's, London — 22 June 2005

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Surrey LionsWinner
3/200 1st innings

JGE Benningc Weekes b Pathan87810114.28
AD Brownb Weekes64394753164.1
SA Newmanb Styris16151511106.66
DJ Thornelynot out67424452159.52
R Clarkenot out27182120150
Did not batJN Batty, ND Doshi, TJ Murtagh, IDK Salisbury, Harbhajan Singh, Mohammad Akram
Extras18 (9w, 2nb, 3lb, 4b)
Total3/200 (20 overs, 10rpo)
IK Pathan403117.755----
MM Betts4045011.25-----
SB Styris402716.75-----
BL Hutton2025012.5-----
CT Peploe20240121----
PN Weekes4041110.25-1---

Middlesex Panthers
10/177 2nd innings

OA Shahc Brown b Murtagh78445175177.27
ET Smithb Murtagh33161380206.25
SB Styrisc Thornely b Doshi40354322114.28
JWM Dalrympleb Murtagh011000
EC Joyceb Murtagh79130077.77
BL Huttonc Brown b Thornely54310125
IK Pathanc Mohammad Akram b Thornely011000
BJM Scottc Harbhajan Singh b Murtagh1250050
PN Weekesc & b Murtagh011000
CT Peploenot out33400100
MM Bettsst †Batty b Thornely42210200
Extras6 (9w, 2nb, 3lb, 4b)
Total10/177 (19.3 overs, 9.07rpo)
Mohammad Akram403909.752----
TJ Murtagh402466-----
R Clarke1017017-1---
Harbhajan Singh402907.25-----
DJ Thornely2.302238.8-----
ND Doshi3034111.33-----
IDK Salisbury1010010-----
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