Leicestershire Foxes LEI v NOT Nottinghamshire OutlawsTwenty20 Cup (England) 2005 • Grace Road, Leicester — 21 June 2005

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Nottinghamshire Outlaws
8/143 1st innings

GP Swannb Gibson53210166.66
SP Flemingb Gibson24121040200
DJ Husseyb Snape22172721129.41
CMW Readc Ackerman b Willoughby022000
SR Patelc Willoughby b Snape32282550114.28
MA Ealhamc Maddy b Snape3980033.33
PJ Franksnot out1723251073.91
WR Smithc †Nixon b Mongia1220050
GD Cloughc Willoughby b Henderson23171202135.29
GJ Smithnot out117801157.14
Did not batAJ Harris
Extras5 (4w, 1lb)
Total8/143 (20 overs, 7.15rpo)
OD Gibson402927.252----
CM Willoughby403518.751----
DL Maddy2033016.51----
D Mongia401914.75-----
JN Snape401834.5-----
CW Henderson20814-----

Leicestershire FoxesWinner
5/147 2nd innings

HD Ackermanrun out38110037.5
DL Maddyb GJ Smith1191120122.22
D Mongiac Patel b Swann39283370139.28
JL Sadlerb Clough26262811100
JN Snapec †Read b Swann812121066.66
PA Nixonnot out32192841168.42
OD Gibsonnot out1214190185.71
Did not batJ Allenby, JK Maunders, CW Henderson, CM Willoughby
Extras16 (4w, 1lb)
Total5/147 (19.2 overs, 7.6rpo)
GJ Smith402315.752----
AJ Harris3.2036010.81----
MA Ealham401904.75-----
GP Swann403027.5-----
GD Clough302518.33-----
SR Patel10505-----
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