St Lucia STL v TT Trinidad & TobagoStanford 20/20 2007-08 • Coolidge Cricket Ground, Coolidge — 01 February 2008

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St Lucia
9/105 1st innings

K Lesporisc Badree b D Mohammed4540-31112.5
J Charlesb Kelly2127-3077.77
SM Charlesc Dillon b S Ganga1725-0168
M Wellsc Badree b D Mohammed12-0050
C Charlesc Dillon b Emrit12-0050
SM Fedeec †Perkins b Emrit1010-10100
Alleyn Prosperec S Ganga b D Mohammed16-0016.66
XP Gabrielnot out13-0033.33
C Mathurinb D Mohammed02-000
GE Mathurinc Pollard b D Mohammed23-0066.66
WCB Robertsnot out00-00-
Extras6 (3w, 3lb)
Total9/105 (20 overs, 5.25rpo)
M Dillon301605.331----
S Badree301404.66-----
RA Kelly411814.51----
KA Pollard201507.5-----
RR Emrit402325.75-----
S Ganga108181----
D Mohammed30852.66-----

Trinidad & TobagoWinner
2/106 2nd innings

LMP Simmonsc C Mathurin b Gabriel4232-41131.25
WKD Perkinsc C Charles b SM Charles2523-40108.69
D Ganganot out1413-01107.69
KA Pollardnot out128-01150
Did not batS Badree, M Dillon, RR Emrit, S Ganga, RA Kelly, D Mohammed, JN Mohammed
Extras13 (3w, 3lb)
Total2/106 (12 overs, 8.83rpo)
XP Gabriel403518.7533---
WCB Roberts106065----
GE Mathurin302207.331----
Alleyn Prospere2029014.5-----
SM Charles201316.5-----
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