Jammu & Kashmir JAM v PUN PunjabSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2007 • Palam A Stadium, Delhi — 08 April 2007

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Jammu & Kashmir
10/98 1st innings

A Bhattc Malhotra b Singh77410100
V Kawc †Dharmani b Gagandeep Singh46100066.66
A Jeelanib Kalia2026381076.92
D Mahajanb Ablish1720242085
Hardeep Singhc †Dharmani b Goel25232540108.69
Anshuman Sharmac Mongia b Kalia2770028.57
S Muzzaffarst †Dharmani b Goel044000
Abid Nabib Singh117920157.14
Shafqat Babab Ablish47100057.14
S Beighnot out049000
A Mangotrac †Dharmani b Singh1530020
Extras7 (4w, 2lb, 1b)
Total10/98 (19.2 overs, 5.06rpo)
Gagandeep Singh401513.75--000
VRV Singh3.201634.82-000
L Ablish401924.75--000
D Mongia301705.66--000
S Kalia301926.33--000
K Goel20924.52-000

/102 2nd innings

K Goelnot out55526170105.76
RS Rickynot out3945613086.66
Did not batL Ablish, P Dharmani, Gagandeep Singh, D Mongia, I Malhotra, VRV Singh, S Sohal, Sarabjit Singh, S Kalia
Extras8 (4w, 2lb, 1b)
Total/102 (16.1 overs, 6.3rpo)
Abid Nabi301906.33--000
S Beigh3.102608.215-000
A Mangotra302107--000
Shafqat Baba401704.25--000
D Mahajan301605.33--000
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