Assam ASS v BIH BiharSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2007 • Eden Gardens, Kolkata — 05 April 2007

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9/141 1st innings

SZ Zuffric Keshav Kumar b Singh076000
NH Bordoloic †Ghosh b Nadeem3640544090
G Sharmab Diwakar2660033.33
J Arunkumarb Singh57130071.42
P Aziznot out65425444154.76
M Talukdarc Dhoni b Nadeem5881062.5
M Kalitab Santosh Lal1230050
DS Goswamic Santosh Lal b Nadeem1440025
AN Ahmedc Diwakar b Santosh Lal83120266.66
PL Dasrun out (Diwakar)72701350
Did not batB Baruah
Extras11 (5w, 1nb, 5lb)
Total9/141 (20 overs, 7.05rpo)
M Diwakar413518.752-000
PK Singh30182621000
Manoj Singh402105.25--000
Keshav Kumar201708.5--000
S Nadeem4020351-000
MS Vardhan1011011--000
Santosh Lal201427--000

2/143 2nd innings

MS Vardhannot out64476971136.17
SS Tiwaryc Sharma b Ahmed881701100
S Ghoshst †Zuffri b Sharma28283040100
MS Dhoninot out37212051176.19
Did not batM Diwakar, Keshav Kumar, S Nadeem, Santosh Lal, Manoj Singh, Surjit Singh, PK Singh
Extras6 (5w, 1nb, 5lb)
Total2/143 (17.1 overs, 8.33rpo)
AN Ahmed302518.331-000
PL Das3.102608.2111000
DS Goswami3033011--000
B Baruah401704.25--000
M Kalita1010010--000
G Sharma201718.5--000
M Talukdar1012012--000
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