Gujarat GUJ v MUM MumbaiSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2007 • Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai — 04 April 2007

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6/141 1st innings

AA Bilakhiarun out (Rahane)2330392076.66
PA Patelc Mane b Salvi1290050
NK Patelc †Samant b Salvi022000
BD Thakerst †Samant b Iqbal Abdulla2528352089.28
JD Desainot out51324340159.37
VD Solankib Kulkarni31212303147.61
AA Malekb Salvi1240050
AM Makdanot out1350033.33
Did not batSK Trivedi, SG Patel, IH Chaudhary
Extras8 (4w, 4lb)
Total6/141 (20 overs, 7.05rpo)
AM Salvi4028371-000
MA Khote301605.332-000
NM Kulkarni402215.5--000
WA Mota403408.51-000
Iqbal Abdulla402917.25--000
RG Sharma10808--000

5/145 2nd innings

AM Rahanec †PA Patel b Trivedi011000
RF Morrisc Makda b Trivedi68121075
RG Sharmanot out1014574135224.44
AA Muzumdarc Bilakhia b Chaudhary611140054.54
WA Motac NK Patel b SG Patel1416142087.5
MA Khoteb NK Patel4990044.44
Iqbal Abdullanot out1013220076.92
Did not batNM Kulkarni, VR Mane, VR Samant, AM Salvi
Extras4 (4w, 4lb)
Total5/145 (17.3 overs, 8.28rpo)
SK Trivedi402225.5--000
AM Makda301304.332-000
IH Chaudhary1016116--000
SG Patel302819.33--000
VD Solanki3.302306.57--000
NK Patel2027113.51-000
JD Desai10160161-000
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