Himachal Pradesh HIM v PUN PunjabSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2007 • Arun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi — 04 April 2007

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Himachal Pradesh
3/169 1st innings

MS Bislac †Dharmani b Gagandeep Singh021000
Sandeep Sharmab Mongia60436353139.53
P Dograc †Dharmani b Mongia45454850100
Sangram Singhnot out39263041150
A Mannunot out1181701137.5
Did not batV Bhatia, VS Malik, Nischal Gaur, Sarandeep Singh, AK Thakur, J Mehta
Extras14 (3w, 5nb, 6lb)
Total3/169 (20 overs, 8.45rpo)
Gagandeep Singh413518.75--000
VRV Singh404001012000
I Malhotra302408--000
Bipul Sharma3018061-000
D Mongia402726.751-000
Rajesh Sharma201909.5-2000

7/171 2nd innings

RS Rickyc & b Mehta48140050
K Goelc Mannu b Mehta82608184136.66
Yuvraj Singhc †Bisla b Mehta17121830141.66
D Mongiab Malik39262550150
RS Sodhic Sarandeep Singh b Malik021000
P Dharmanirun out (Sarandeep Singh)43500133.33
Bipul Sharmac †Bisla b Mehta1081100125
I Malhotranot out62310300
VRV Singhnot out001000
Did not batGagandeep Singh, Rajesh Sharma
Extras9 (3w, 5nb, 6lb)
Total7/171 (19.4 overs, 8.69rpo)
AK Thakur403007.5--000
VS Malik403528.75-2000
J Mehta3.403148.45-1000
Sarandeep Singh30330111-000
Nischal Gaur403007.5--000
V Bhatia10707--000
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