Delhi DEH v JAM Jammu & KashmirSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2007 • Arun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi — 04 April 2007

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6/174 1st innings

S Dhawanc †Bhatt b Sameer Ali17172410100
G Gambhirc Irshad Hassan b Beigh2550040
V Kohlib Beigh76456372168.88
V Sehwagc Abid Nabi b Mahajan29272830107.4
M Manhasc Khajuria b Beigh29202140145
Aditya Jainrun out (†Bhatt)42300200
P Bishtnot out93520300
PJ Sangwannot out11300100
Did not batAshish Malhotra, C Nanda, I Sharma
Extras7 (6w, 1lb)
Total6/174 (20 overs, 8.7rpo)
Abid Nabi402907.251-000
S Beigh403338.252-000
Sameer Ali403418.5--000
Shashi Kumar20200102-000
S Khajuria403609--000
D Mahajan2021110.51-000

Jammu & Kashmir
6/129 2nd innings

A Bhattlbw b Sharma11101320110
ID Singhc Sangwan b Sehwag48487060100
Kavaljit Singhst †Bisht b Sehwag1431381045.16
Abid Nabic Kohli b Nanda166421266.66
D Mahajanb Sehwag3410075
Hardeep Singhrun out (Gambhir)2730028.57
Irshad Hassannot out1591101166.66
Shashi Kumarnot out146420233.33
Did not batS Beigh, S Khajuria, Sameer Ali
Extras6 (6w, 1lb)
Total6/129 (20 overs, 6.45rpo)
PJ Sangwan302608.662-000
I Sharma401313.25-1000
Ashish Malhotra402205.5--000
C Nanda403318.251-000
V Sehwag401934.75--000
M Manhas1014014--000
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