Assam ASS v BEN BengalSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2007 • Eden Gardens, Kolkata — 03 April 2007

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9/169 1st innings

WP Sahab Das25171360147.05
Subhojit Paulc †Zuffri b Ahmed012000
RS Gavaskarb Sharma26173341152.94
MK Tiwaryrun out (Das)36263540138.46
AA Jhunjhunwalac Das b Sharma32233440139.13
LR Shuklac Das b Aziz77800100
R Chowdharyc Tarafdar b Aziz1310711130
SS Lahiric Aziz b Das10101210100
P Mukherjeenot out47110057.14
SS Paulc Aziz b Das22100100
RR Bosenot out011000
Extras14 (5w, 7lb, 2b)
Total9/169 (20 overs, 8.45rpo)
AN Ahmed403318.251-000
S Tarafdar2022011--000
PL Das402736.751-000
G Sharma302227.331-000
B Baruah403107.752-000
P Aziz302528.33--000

8/134 2nd innings

J Arunkumarb Paul148621175
P Azizc Lahiri b Bose991910100
M Talukdarc Mukherjee b Shukla26192550136.84
SZ Zuffric Subhojit Paul b Lahiri2527314092.59
G Sharmarun out (Jhunjhunwala)014000
NH Bordoloib Mukherjee69110066.66
S Bhagawatinot out26242630108.33
AN Ahmedc Tiwary b Paul79110077.77
PL Dasc Shukla b Gavaskar011000
S Tarafdarnot out14131020107.69
Did not batB Baruah
Extras7 (5w, 7lb, 2b)
Total8/134 (20 overs, 6.7rpo)
RR Bose403117.75--000
SS Paul402827--000
SS Lahiri401714.251-000
LR Shukla2021110.52-000
P Mukherjee20914.5--000
RS Gavaskar301615.33--000
MK Tiwary10808--000
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